O.M. INTERNATIONAL GROUP OIL AND GAS SERVICES S.L. is a company whose registered office is located  in Madrid , well set up and with good reputation in the sector,  capable of offering solutions and of  developing any type of Project with high quality  levels and seriousness on all Works, looking for  full  customer’s satisfaction, putting all of their  efforts and resources in it.

They have carried out works on the regions of Castile La Mancha, Madrid  and Valencia. Working in two clearly differentiated sectors:  works for  private  developers and works on the real state sector.

Set up in Tomelloso on July  21st, 1999, under the  legal concept of a Limited Company. Since then, it has grown firmly and progressively, creating  a solid entrepreneurial structure that  has on the payroll management, administrative, technical and qualified  labour for  the  development of its activity.

Our main characteristic is to  be a close company, trustworthy, whose philosophy is to  cooperate  both  with the  customer and with  the  management of  the  works, with  the  aim of  finding  joint  solutions  to oilfield, construction, infrastructure and general maintenance problems.

Since  then  our  primary  focus  has  been  upon  serving  problems, to reach the appropriate building quality and to comply with the deadlines.

Vision: Our aim is to become one of the region’s premier companies in the industry of oil and gas support services.

Mission: We take pride in converting our customers’ needs into feasible engineering solutions.

Core Values:

  1. Integrity: we conduct business with highest level of honesty, ethics and morality.
  2. Teamwork: our success is a result of the culture of teamwork we nurture in our company.
  3. Respect: respect for oneself, other employees, clients and community is the basic rule that guides us in all of our business activities.
  4. Transparency: we strive to gain our clients’ trust through authenticity and transparency. Our words are powerful because they always match our actions.
  5. Safety: the safety of our employees and the workplace is everyone’s responsibility.